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Photobiomodulation Therapy





The program contains 3 Stages 

1.Photobiomodulation Therapy

Quit Smoking Photobiomodulation Laser  Therapy performed by qualified health practitioners. Our intention is to reduce the physical symptoms of withdrawal (such as cravings) to allow an individual to stop smoking.


2. Counselling and guidance

The 2nd part of our quit smoking program consists of counselling and guidance. We will offer you a nicotine addiction test to help you understand your level of addiction and a carbon monoxide test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide currently in your lungs and blood stream. We use the carbon monoxide monitor as a motivational tool to help track your success.

3 . Detox Program

Years of smoking has accumulated toxins in the body from the cigarette. They need to be removed. We provide the most effective natural detoxifier to help trap and remove all the accumulated toxins brought there from various physiological processes in the body.


The total stop smoking package, which includes the drug-free pain-free Photobiomodulation Laser therapy, detox program, guidance and counselling is $295, this package includes one session, with an optional 2nd session if required. The first session is 45 Min and is followed up with a 45 minute session approximately 2-5 days later. 




Quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. Period.

How could you improve your health?

When you quit, your body starts to heal itself almost immediately. After 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal. After only 8 hours, you'll be breathing noticeably easier. After a day, your lungs start clearing themselves out. And it just gets better from there.

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