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Utilizes a brethable textile (Breath-O-Prene), Stretch panel for easy donning, 30-40mmHg COMPREBOOT for added foot and ankle compression.

20-50mmHg, Suited for Edema of various etiologies, Patients with obesity,fragile skin and limited mobility or grip strength, Donning challenges and adherence issues, Lymphedema requiring day and night compression, Patients requiring extra foor compressiondue to lymphedema or phlebolymphedema.

Includes pair of basic liners with ionized silver technology prevents bacterial growth in the non-compressive liner, Accomodates calves up to 64 cm, drirelease technology to wick moisture and prevent odour, Soft, cushioned heel and toe with flat seams, available in Heathered Silver, Latex Free.

    1 Gram
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